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Waar is Trein 4 gebleven?

- Bericht van Jan de Vries

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Waar is onze prachtige Trein 4 gebleven? Hier het zeer droevige relaas …

Hallo Jan,

The two cars have been bought many years ago - for 1 Deutsch-Mark 
from Hilversum TV or so for cultural use and not making money from. But
 the assiciation has grown old, too old and the old pensioneers have
 crashed this assiciation into bankrupcy by stupidity.

They did reject any kind of help and sold all the worthy things to 
other gangsters, making money from, to balance the losses of the last
 years. (most of the loss was the monthly rent, which was no more covered
 by contribution from the city of Wiesbaden)

This story is a painful mess in our cultural TV history. Remember the
 name of O.F.Herber. He was the oldest and most hated man in that group.

 Where the trucks have gone ? Nobody knows that, it seems to be a secret.

There is one similar 1960 Studio truck left in Suomi. I have got pictures
 from and did publish these pictures.

 If your progress is handsome, let me have a look into the preprints,

Best regards

mit freundlichen Grüßen

Gert Redlich

Mitglied in der FKTG
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